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Our mission is to be the premier OLED light fixture designer and manufacturer, providing people with the choice to buy lighting that looks & feels good, educating our customers about the need for healthy artificial light options along the way. 

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A New Kind of Light Experience.

Nadarra Lighting is the premiere manufacturer and designer of OLED light fixtures, bringing a new kind of light experience to the market. Through well-designed modern, decorative and architectural light fixtures that utilize OLED technology, Nadarra gives interior designers and architects the ability to be creative, elicit emotion, and create a unique experience for the end-user.  

Our OLED light fixtures are focused on providing a healthy aritifical light experience, while bringing a unique aesthetic to homes, hotels, restaurants, and all of the other places we work, live and play!

Why Healthy Light?

Artificial light has come along way since the days of candle light and oil lamps.  However, along with technological advancements in lighting there has been an increased risk to health, including blue light exposure, which leads to disease and negative impacts on circadian rhythm, among other detriments. 

OLED technology has the right amount of blue light and is a full spectrum light source giving you many of the same benefits as the sun.  It is also sustainable, and composed of organic materials, giving people the choice to choose green and healthy! 

Beautiful & Flexible Design

Different than other artificial light sources, OLED light panels are naturally diffused, flexible, thin, durable, lightweight, expel no noise, and they are cool to the touch.  These features provide designers and homeowners alike with the ability to include OLED Lighting right in their furniture, within their walls, or to purchase modern, cutting edge OLED Light fixtures that do not require shades, and bring health and wellness right into the spaces we live, work and play. 

Contact us to learn how we can help you outfit your space with OLED light fixtures that promote health, wellness, and a beautiful aesthetic. 

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