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A combination of a high end design, minimal blue light hazard, and sustainable technology.

Nadarra Lighting is the premiere manufacturer and designer of OLED light fixtures, bringing a new kind of light experience to the market. Through well-designed modern, decorative and architectural light fixtures that utilize OLED technology, Nadarra gives interior designers and architects the ability to be creative, elicit emotion, and create a unique experience for the end-user.  OLED technology utilized by Nadarra, has a fixture housing that is thinner than that of even LED’s “edge-lit” technology, offering a thin, non-intrusive design.  This gives designers furthers flexibility to develop innovative, and creative spaces.  

Unlike many other professionals in the OLED industry, Nadarra believes that OLED technology, and LED technology can work well together.   That the combination of the two will provide for an unforgettable end-user experience.  By utilizing Nadarra light fixtures, alongside LED ambient lighting, designers now have another tool to address issues with light and enhance the customer/guest experience.  

The company believes that lighting has the ability to impact society in a variety of ways.  That people need to be aware of how light impacts them beyond allowing them to see, but how light impacts their emotional well-being. Nadarra is passionate that lighting is very personal and needs to viewed and applied in life that way. The company designs light fixtures, which utilize OLED technology, so they can be a lighting solution that not only looks good, but also makes you feel good.

Transform your space.  Transform your health and well-being through light design.

Nadarra is a proud member of the OLEDWorks Channel Partner Program.  We exclusively use OLEDWorks' OLED light panels in each of our fixtures, providing our customers with confidence, that Nadarra fixtures have the highest quality OLED light panels produced.