Christopher Poehlmann, Founder CP Lighting

Since 1985 when Christopher Poehlmann first fell in love with Design while studying fine art photography in Europe, he has been singularly focused on creating artful objects for everyday use. Typically working at the intersection of Craft and Design, Poehlmann describes his focus as inhabiting the “grey area between art and craft, sculpture and design, form and function.”


Poehlmann is self-trained, beginning his career with his first solo gallery show in 1990 with a body of work made from coper pipe and fittings. His work morphed over time to include found and repurposed materials and later into plastics, woodworking, welding steel and aluminum, and other fabrication processes. A natural welder, Poehlmann states that is seems to be in his DNA. Whatever the process and material that interests and engages this artist, he studies it and either masters it or finds expert outsourcing to aid in executing his vision.


A drive to pursue unique and personal designs has led Poehlmann to be a trend leader. Founding his company CP Lighting in 1995, he launched his first lighting collection at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) that year to great acclaim. Since that time, Christopher Poehlmann has worked tirelessly across the boundaries of Art and Design. Always equally interested in the disciplines of Studio Craft and Industrial Design, he has staged 16 solo gallery exhibitions, been part of numerous group exhibitions throughout the country in private galleries, scholastic galleries and museums, and has had his work published in sourcebooks, magazines, newspapers and blogs worldwide. This recognition has led him to curate shows since 2003 at a variety of museums, galleries and trade shows as well as writing essays about design for show catalogs, magazines and blogs. 2017 marked his 25th consecutive year as an exhibitor at the ICFF in NYC where he made his mark on the design world through the then uncommon use of recycled materials as well as being a very early proponent of what we now think of as Organic Design.

Aside from being the lead designer for CP Lighting, Poehlmann also designs lines for ILEX Architectural Lighting since 2003 and is a member of their Portfolio Collection along with fellow designers such as Laura Kirar, Michael Wolk, Mick Ricereto, and Michael Graves. Collaborating with Nadarra Lighting in 2020 is a natural fit for this designer as well – adding decorative inspiration to the new technology of OLED allows Poehlmann to capitalize on the unique features of the thin OLED form with his trademark wit and flair.


Poehlmann has served as a Trustee and Chair of Exhibitions for The Furniture Society from 204-2010. His photography work can occasionally be seen on billboards across the US as public art installations. He lives and works with his wife, two children, and two rather aloof cats in Philadelphia, PA.


73 State Street, Rochester, NY 14614