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Bill McDonnell, Founder & President



Bill is an established business professional and entrepreneur.  After 36 years of experience working at, and owning a family business, his entrepreneurial spirit, extensive sales and marketing experience, and strong background in financial management led him to found Nadarra Lighting.

Through the design of light fixtures that utilize OLED technology, Bill is leading Nadarra to be a major player in changing how society experiences light.  Bill is a strong believer that light can impact people in in a variety of ways, both physically and mentally. Due to this, he keeps the impact of lighting on health and well-being, at the forefront of Nadarra’s mission.  

Bill is passionate about changing the conversation around light, and building a commercial space for OLED light fixtures.  Not only does Nadarra create light fixtures that give interior designers and architects the ability to be creative and unique, the company is creating fixtures that directly impact how someone experiences a space.  Bill’s innovative mindset is pushing the lighting industry forward.   


Bill’s past business experience has taught him that surrounding himself with a high quality team, which is working towards a common goal, brings out the best in a company.  As President of Nadarra Lighting, Bill continues to work hard to foster personal and professional relationships with internal and external team members. It is this philosophy, and Bill’s unwavering commitment to changing the conversation around lighting, that will see Nadarra become a major player in creating a new light experience.  An experience that looks and feels good. 



Bill is a member of NEWH, and  serves on the board of the Nativity Preparatory Academy of Rochester, as chair of the Advancement Committee. 


Villanova University, Bachelor of Science in Marketing.