4 Trends to Watch Out for in Hospitality Lighting

Amenities ranging from best-man for hire, to customized submarine rides, the hospitality industry proves to be ever-changing and customized. Yes, the aforementioned are true amenities that hotels in the United States offer! If you don’t believe us check out this article from Business Insider.

However, not all amenities need to be this lavish to have a true impact on the guest experience. What about OLED lighting, and other light sources? We think these could have a credible impact on the guest experience too. Lighting may seem like a table stakes feature in a hotel, but with all of the options out there, the right light can truly upgrade your hotel experience. Think of how different newer buildings feel, than those constructed 20+ years ago. A lot of this lies in the lighting design.

Below are some of the biggest lighting trends in the hospitality industry.

1. Customized Lighting Design. The hotel industry is competitive. One of a kind light fixtures are being looked to by hoteliers, to help create a unique ambiance within certain spaces. Many lighting manufacturers, such as Nadarra, are considered specification-grade. This means that fixtures can be customized. As an example, they can be designed using multiple color finishes, and often different metals. OLED lighting is a great technology, to help further customization abilities. It is thin, flexible, and can even be made transparent. Being able to work with a light source like OLED lighting, gives designers many options to utilize light within the early stages of the design process, rather than as an afterthought.

2. Linear Lighting. Linear lighting that spans the room, creates for a modern and crisp look and feel. It replaces what many of us may have been accustomed to, direct and focused light sources. Linear lighting is an indirect, surface light that feels more comfortable. Linear technology alone provides for a softer more diffused light. But, when you utilize OLED technology in a linear light design, this benefit becomes even greater. OLED light panels can also be designed and installed within a wall, ceiling, pole, etc. which can replace a bulky light fixture, further incorporating lighting into a design. This is known as “concealed linear lighting.”

As many hospitality venues such as hotels, restaurants, and bars go for a more open floor plan concept, linear lighting is also a great solution. This light technology improves shadowing problems, and can help promote an all-inclusive ambiance.

Now the million dollar question, why are we replacing direct light sources, with a more expensive linear lighting solution? Simply, people like how it makes them feel.

3. Classics. Many hotels, and other hospitality spaces such as restaurants are leaning towards a classic, industrial and rustic atmosphere. This can also be accomplished through light design. Think Edison style bulbs surrounded by a wire encasing hanging from ceilings, or the use of brass and glass elements in a lighting design. The ability to have light fixtures designed around the ambiance you are trying to create, further promotes the increased need for customized light design.

4. Lobbies and Communal Spaces. Many hotels are mixing work, socialization and relaxation. They are working hard to utilize every square foot, to create an experience for their guests. Lobbies are becoming more than just a place to check-in and wait. Especially those of the millennial generation, are not interested in staying in their rooms. They are interested in exploring, and gaining a sense of culture and purpose when they travel. They want a total experience.

Lighting design can be an integral part of creating this experience. OLED lighting creates an experience for guests in a space. From the ability to customize light design using OLED technology, to the actual light itself, guest’s will be in awe of how this light source makes them feel. One of the reasons is that OLED technology poses no blue light risk. Blue light has been associated with a variety of ailments including stress, fatigue, depression and overall poor mental health.

Lighting is one piece of the puzzle to a customized guest experience. Any google search will reveal all the ways hotels are trying to stay in the game, and keep guest’s happy. This becomes even harder when many studies are showing the lack of brand loyalty amongst millennials. Makes us wonder, maybe offering the best man for hire experience, is going to become the new hotel norm?

On another thought, focusing on guest expectations, and utilizing OLED lighting, and other light sources, to emphasize everything a guest sees and feels could do the trick!

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