A Vision for Healthy Light Design - 5 Questions for Nadarra's President & Founder, Bill McDonnell

Healthy light. Should this phrase start being used in the same sentence as non-GMO, grass-fed, gluten free, free-range, low-sodium, and the list goes on? Nadarra's President & Founder Bill McDonnell thinks the industry might be heading in this direction.

A passion for understanding how our health and well-being is impacted by light, and giving people a light source they enjoy, rather than merely accepting what is available, led McDonnell to start Nadarra Lighting - an OLED lighting manufacturer and designer, dedicated to the utilization of OLED light panels.

We asked Nadarra's President & Founder 5 key questions on his vision for Nadarra, and why the emphasis on healthy light?


Q: What motivated you to start Nadarra Lighting?

A: I thought the OLED light source was so unique and had better attributes then what was on the market currently. Surprisingly, you could hardly find a commercially available OLED fixture in the market. I saw an opportunity to start a company that was dedicated to developing decorative light fixtures that utilize OLED technology, and make them commercially available. As I further researched the lighting industry, I started to truly understand the health and wellness component. This led me to my vision to create light fixtures that not only look good, but feel good too.


Q: What is OLED technology and why the interest in this?

A: OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. Similar to LED, it is a solid state lighting technology. Unlike LED, · OLED by design, is evenly defused, has a naturally broad spectrum, no blue light risk to your eyes, and a very thin form factor. · The light is generated naturally as areas of uniform soft emission, rather than piercing points or tubes of light. This leads to not only a healthier light source, but also a light source that allows for creative design freedom. Interior designers, architects, and other design professionals now have the ability to design around aesthetic, due to OLEDs flexible and thin form factor, and health and wellness due to its no blue light risk. I am amazed by OLED technology, and how the light source is unlike anything else in the industry.


Q: Why is understanding the impact of light on our health and wellness so important?

A: As technology has advanced we have become accustom to man made light being everywhere. As a society, we simply accept the light that surrounds us, rather than understanding we have a choice. We can control the light we are exposed to for the better. Health and wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Our lighting impacts all three of these components, and the OLED light source can positively influence that.


Q: Why is right now, the right time, for Nadarra Lighting to exist?

A: OLED technology continues to make advancements. Research and development is growing, and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of OLED. People now have the ability to choose a healthier light source, and they need commercially available OLED light fixtures to choose from. While, LED is great in many applications, it is not great in all applications. OLED provides a great alternative to replace LED, or to exist alongside it.


Q: What are the goals for Nadarra Lighting in the next three to five years?

A: Nadarra is focused on bringing decorative OLED light fixtures to the hospitality market, where there is an interest in designing spaces that positively impact the guest experience. We will be developing additional lines of unique OLED light fixtures that address the needs of the hospitality market, as well as begin exploring additional health and wellness market segments.

We also have an intense focus on creating working relationships with interior designers, architects, and other design professionals. We want to continue to develop fixtures that meet their aesthetic and wellness design needs. Nadarra is a luxury lighting product, and we plan to continue to build out our distribution and service networks, to have the best served customer base in the lighting industry.

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