Bringing Color into Your Home - the Psychological Impact of Color on Design

As Nadarra continues to expand our product portfolio to include more creative and artistic elements such as color, we started thinking more deeply about the impact of color on a space. We often talk about the impact of light on a space, but color also plays an important role. With all of our OLED light fixtures, our focus is on designing for health and wellness, as well as providing a beautiful design aesthetic. We know that expanding our original product portfolio to include color gives our customers more options, and allows their creativity to shine through, but how does the inclusion of color help with our focus on health and wellness?

Here is what we found out.

Psychological Impact of Color

The Poehlmann Collection x Nadarra is meant to bring more creativity and artistic elements, such as color, to our flagship product portfolio. Bringing more color into a space not only provides for individual creative freedom, it also directly impacts health & wellness. Artists, interior designers, marketing and branding experts, and other design professionals have long believed that color can significantly impact moods, feelings and emotions.

The development of modern psychology has expanded our understanding of color. Color can evoke happiness, trigger anger or even bring about depression and anxiety. Understanding this, the choice of color in design is very important. However, most people do not spend a lot of time truly thinking about the impact of color in the places they work and live.

Examples of Color Psychology:

Red: Known for its intensity, and can be used to raise the energy of a space. Red is also known to entice conversation, create a strong first impression, and increase appetite.

Green: Restful color for the eye, and can transcend a sense of calmness and security.

Blue: This is actually known to be one of the most popular color in the United States. It is associated with loyalty and has a calming effect. Interestingly enough it is known to slow down the metabolism!

As you can see colors have an impact on our mental health, and can sway the decisions we make. Colors can also complement one another to create different ambiances. Our Poehlmann Collection x Nadarra has many color varietals that can be paired together, or used in certain rooms based on the design aesthetic and feeling one is going for. When adding lighting elements to a space it is important to think not only about the color of the room, but how the color and design of the light fixture complement the space.

OLED Light Panel Color Features

Due to our focus on the health and wellness of design, all of our light fixtures are comprised of OLED light panels. OLED light panels themselves have a strong emphasis on color. They are comprised of the right amount of blue light for the health of one’s circadian rhythm, and visual comfort. They are also a full-spectrum light source, meaning that the colors used are as close to natural light as an artificial light source can currently get. The full-spectrum nature of OLED light panels produces beautiful natural looking light, and blends well together without producing spikes in color such as blue. Blue light is one of the main light colors that bring health problems to our circadian rhythm.

The Poehlmann Collection for Nadarra is focused on providing end-users with not only a healthy artificial light source, but color options that complement your design aesthetic. You can learn more about our designs and color options here.

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