Light for our Well-Being

Nadarra is a proud partner of OLEDWorks, a global leader in the development and production of innovative organic light-emitting diode (OLED) lighting solutions . OLEDWorks is comprised of industry pioneers that are breaking from the traditional OLED manufacturing paradigms, to design a world-class, cost effective solution. Nadarra's partnership with OLEDWorks, assures our customers that they are not only receiving modern, sophisticated light fixtures, they are receiving state of the art OLED light technology. Technology that can brighten someone's overall mood and well-being.

Light and well-being is a long studied relationship. OLEDWorks recently came out with an e-book dedicated to how light impacts a person's well-being.

In their e-book OLEDWorks discusses 6 key topics:

  • The Impact of Light on Vision

  • Artificial Light and your Skin

  • Natural Rhythm of Human Beings

  • Artificial Light Sustainability and our Environment

  • Emotional Lighting and Mood

  • Human-Centric Lighting

Download the full e-book here

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