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OLED Lighting is relatively new to the hospitality industry, but has the potential to transform how guests feel about their stay. From the ability to personalize, to creating an appealing ambiance, OLED lighting has unlimited potential to keep your guests coming back time and time again. As the boutique hotel market continues to dominate growth trends in the hospitality industry, guests are expecting increased attention and personalization during their stay.

OLEDs have the ability to allow for creativity in light design, increase light controllability, and increase light quality. In the hospitality industry, but especially in boutique hotels where guest’s expectations are at an all-time high, this is critical to achieving an enhanced guest experience.

How can OLEDs help you to light up your guest experience?

Local culture and historic roots are at the forefront of boutique hotel design.

Due to their make-up and flexibility, OLED lights can easily intertwine with existing historic architecture. They also produce almost zero heat, so they can be used in close proximity to other products and design pieces. This allows for hotels to keep their local and historic feel while adding a modern touch. OLEDs also last for a very long time. Due to this, lights can be put in hard to reach places, further enhancing a hotels ability to be creative with existing architecture.


As our world becomes more populated, and unfortunately polluted, there is a strong movement to go green. Sustainable hotels are on the rise. With the increase in influencer marketing, and other forms of social engagement, there is more transparency to sustainable hotels, and green operating practices. OLEDs are extremely energy efficient, allowing for guests to feel good about staying in an eco-friendly hotel. The utilization of OLED lighting applications, in combination with increased social engagement, allows the world to be effortlessly informed about your hotel’s compassion for our planet, and potentially increases interest in your brand.

Evoke Emotion.

The best praise a hotel can receive is a returning guest. Guests often return to hotels if they feel positive, and happy emotions during their stay. Often, when people are seeking out boutique hotels, they are looking for a home away from home. A place that allows them to feel comfortable and relaxed. Lighting can help you create this type of atmosphere.

  • Natural light. Sunlight is nourishment for the body, and makes people feel happy and energized. If you have the ability, allow guests to open hotel windows so natural light can enter their rooms. Create outdoor spaces where guests can relax and unwind. If you do not have the ability to do this, or as the hours of dusk begin to arrive, there is another option. OLEDs mimic natural light, and do not emit UV light. They provide vivid, healthy illumination. The technology can even go as far as accurately portraying phases of the sun, from dusk until dawn.

  • Colorful light. Wellness can be enhanced through color. Think of a spa, blue and violet lighting allows a guest to feel calm and relaxed. Think of a night club, red and orange lighting brings energy and enthusiasm to the dance floor. There are different colors people want to see when they wake up, compared to when they go to sleep. Hotels should even go as far as allowing guests to program their own lighting, based on the time of day, and how they are feeling. OLED lighting allows for ease of customization, while being energy efficient, providing for a unique and personalized guest experience. As mentioned above, OLEDs can also be put in hard to reach places. Being able to emit colorful light behind a headboard, a mirror, in ceiling corners, and more, further enhances the feel of a guest’s space. Not to mention a common area!

  • Light and Sound. Combine sounds with certain lights to create a dynamic experience for your guests. As an example, allow guests to choose lighting paired with specific sounds from nature, during their shower, or have options for different nighttime sounds, paired with soft and nurturing light colors as bedtime approaches. OLED lighting gives you the flexibility to do this on a large scale, as well as allows your guests to personalize as they see fit.

There are many ways to enhance and personalize a guest’s experience through the use of light. There are still many areas we have not touched on. Restaurants, bars, spas, lobbies, hallways, gyms, conference rooms, banquet rooms, and other hotel amenities all require their own attention. The biggest mistake hotel management can make is not thinking about lighting, and understanding the important role it plays in bringing guests back to their establishment.

OLED technology is allowing boutique hotels to bring a unique lighting design, and unique overall ambiance to their guests. It is a transformational technology, replacing the old with the new. OLED technology is not meant to retrofit, but to bring new fixtures and lighting design into your hotel space.

OLED lighting in the hospitality industry is on a path to transform the guest experience, one panel and one unique light fixture at a time.

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