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(News) Lighting Designers Partner to Increase Access to OLED Light Fixtures

U.S. based Nadarra Lighting and German Based WALO - TL GmbH, both OLED light fixture designers, have partnered to make individualized lighting solutions focused on aesthetic, innovation, health, and wellness commercially available.

ROCHESTER, NY – Nadarra Lighting, an OLED lighting designer and manufacturer focused on bringing healthy light solutions to the marketplace, has partnered with WALO TL-GmbH (WALO) to expand their product portfolio. This partnership is key in furthering access to commercially available healthy and beautiful OLED light fixtures.

WALO has designed the WALOSPRING and the WALOSUMMER OLED light fixtures for Nadarra to distribute nationwide. Organic Light Emitting Diode, also known as OLED, light fixtures bring a comfortable and one of a kind atmosphere to offices and homes. Available as a floor lamp, a workplace lamp, and a pendant lamp, the elegant stainless steel pieces are equipped with three delicately curved and exchangeable light sources. The OLED panels come in four shape variants: curved, circle, square, and oblong. All light sources can be rotated, making the lamp very flexible and highly versatile. WALO lamps are some of the first OLED devices that can be controlled with a remote device that provides dimming capabilities.


"Our exciting partnership with WALO allows us to further expand our product offerings, and continue our focus of making OLED lighting options widely available. The WALOSPRING and WALOSUMMER are highly engineered, decorative fixtures and are suited for either residential or office use, providing a one-of-a-kind lighting experience” commented Bill McDonnell, President of Nadarra Lighting.

“Artificial light often wreaks havoc on our well-being, but with the introduction of OLED light, we now have a solution” states Andreas Wanzke, CEO of WALO. “In today’s world we spend a lot of time under artificial light, so we need to make sure it is good for our body and soul. OLED light fixtures from WALO are focused on bringing society a one of a kind lighting experience, inclusive of unique design, health, and wellness.”

OLED technology is changing the way we view and measure light. This technology, coupled with Nadarra’s partnership with WALO is another step towards increasing awareness of the need for healthy light solutions and making these solutions economically friendly and widely available. With continued research, development, and strategic partnerships, we will continue to change the perception of light from brightness and efficiency to health and wellness.

Nadarra Lighting has an in-depth focus on the health and wellness of light, selling decorative OLED light fixtures that look and feel good. Nadarra manufactures OLED light fixtures for commercial use, specifically in the hospitality industry. Those interested in learning more about Nadarra and OLED technology can visit the company’s website at

WALO – TL GmbH was founded in 2009 to offer technical solutions in mechanical engineering. Driven by the desire to meet the challenge of providing individualized solutions to the specialty markets of mechatronics, lighting technology and optical fiber technology, the company designs and develops OLED and LED applications for renowned manufacturers of lighting technology. For more information, visit the company’s website at



Interested in learning more about the WALO Collection? Fill out our information request form, or view more about the collection here.


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