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(News) OLED Light Fixtures are Now Widely Available to the Commercial Marketplace

One of the first lighting designers and manufacturers to solely focus on utilizing OLED technology has partnered with NAL Lighting Group to bring their OLED light fixtures to commercial spaces across the United States' Eastern region.

Rochester, NY - Nadarra Lighting, an OLED lighting designer and manufacturer, has signed on NAL Lighting Group (NAL) to represent their OLED light fixture product lines. NAL is a is a premier sales and manufacturing organization who partners with lighting companies worldwide to introduce new brands and products into the US market. The partnership between NAL and Nadarra Lighting (Nadarra) came to fruition based on a mutual desire to bring a new light experience to the market.

Nadarra is introducing a brand new lighting technology, Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED), to the commercial market and ultimately the world. As Nadarra President and Founder Bill McDonnell states, "NAL is the right fit to help us continue to spread our message of beautiful, sustainable, and healthy light. Our goal is to create beautiful light fixtures for commercial and residential spaces, which are sustainable and emit healthy light. We know that all of these traits can coexist and that NAL can help us to spread this message."

The introduction of OLED technology not only leads to the availability of a healthy artificial light source, but it also leads to a new way of designing light fixtures. Since OLEDs are thin, flexible, and can be transparent, it allows for innovation and creativity in lighting design. This next era of lighting design can be seen throughout Nadarra's multiple product lines. Nadarra's product portfolio is diverse, giving consumers more options. As OLED technology is still relatively new, there has not been time to create much product variety in the space. Light fixtures utilizing the technology are not widely known or easily accessible. One of Nadarra's main goals is to continue diversifying product offerings, bringing fixture options that will appeal to various aesthetics to people all over the world. Nadarra's partnership with NAL will help to get more healthy, beautiful, and sustainable light fixtures into the commercial marketplace.

As Richard Sayre, VP of Sales and Marketing at NAL states, "NAL Lighting Group is proud to expand our portfolio by partnering with Nadarra Lighting for the US and Canadian market. We are always interested in offering new fixture designs and lighting technologies to the design community, and this partnership enhances both of those areas for us. Fixtures utilizing OLED technology are exciting because of the high level of visual comfort and performance from the light source. In general, OLED technology is more environmentally friendly than many other lighting options. Nadarra is creating unique luminaires based on this technology and doing it all right here in the United States."

The partnership between NAL and Nadarra will further expand access to beautiful, healthy light sources and change how society values lighting for the foreseeable future.

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