OLED an Emotional Light Source - 5 Key Ways to Utilize Light Design to Elicit Emotion

Did you know that lighting can actually make your space “happier” and more comforting? That lighting can impact an employee’s productivity, a guest’s experience at a restaurant, at a hotel, and make people feel safe? How you feel in a space directly translates to your own happiness and well-being.

Harsh glaring light, or alternatively dim light that only shows the pile of work mounting up on one’s desk, has been linked to employees who are:

  • Depressed

  • Anxious

  • Lack Motivation

Spurring creativity, productivity and an overall positive mood is directly linked to one’s surrounding. The type of light, and color of light, play a big role in how an employee approaches their job each day.

Transfer this into the hospitality industry. The first step is to understand who your audience is. Are you catering to the business traveler? To family vacationers? To couples? To lifestyle travelers? What do they expect from their experience? One thing that holds true throughout, is that each person staying in your hotel wants to enjoy their stay. However, what “enjoying” means to each person can vary greatly. Depending on the type of hotel, your guests will most likely have similar requirements, for what it means to “enjoy.”

Lighting plays a large role in eliciting emotions from guests, and helping them to enjoy their stay. Whether you are a boutique hotel, a luxury hotel, a lifestyle hotel, or any other kind of hotel, hoteliers all have one thing in common, they want their guests to be happy and comfortable.

Now the big question, “how can a hotel utilize light design to bring about these emotions?” No matter the type of hotel, the five areas below can greatly impact your guest experience.

  1. Sleep environment. One of the main things guests do in a hotel is sleep. That is why hotels are so concerned with the furnishing that go into each guest room. Good sleep is a must for people to stay happy and healthy. Light can directly impact one’s internal clock, and exposure to blue light can disrupt our circadian rhythm. The manufacturer of all of the OLED light panels that go in Nadarra’s fixtures is OLEDWorks. All of their panels have been tested for blue light, and pose no risk to skin and eyes. Making sure that guest rooms have lighting to promote a good night’s sleep is key to a hotel gaining a repeat customer.

  2. Eye comfort. As mentioned in item number one, excessive exposure to blue light can lead to unhealthy sleep habits. It has also been linked to many health diseases, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, insomnia and obesity. Include OLED light technology in your hotel to decrease the exposure of blue light. OLED technology is proven to have less intense blue light.

  3. Diffused Light Sources. OLED light technology emits beautiful, soft diffused light. This type of light is perfect for guest rooms, and guest bathrooms, because it emits feelings of relaxation. It may also work in common areas such as a bar, or lounge.

  4. Activate the senses. Bad lighting can actually make items within a space less appealing. Someone’s opinion of food, furniture, and décor may be directly linked to the light design within the space. Light levels and color matter.

  5. Convenience. Guest’s do not want to get ready for a night out in the dark. They do not want to work, or read a book in an environment with poor lighting conditions. Convenience elicits feelings of comfort. Provide your guests with the lighting they need. Maybe someone wants to feel like its daytime, during the middle of the night. According to OLEDWorks, “OLED light placement can simulate daylight to give the effect of living under natural light at any point in the day, in any setup” OLED light technology has many uses and applications that can help a hotelier provide, not only convenient lighting, but also decorative, modern fixtures.

OLED light technology has the ability to work alongside LED. LED can provide general, broadcast lighting throughout a space. Nadarra uses OLED technology to develop decorative, modern fixtures to behave as “eye-catching” focal points within a room. The combination of the two will provide for an unforgettable guest experience.

As spaces are being designed, it is crucial to have lighting at the forefront of the conversation. A space without proper lighting, is a waste of resources. Lighting brings out the emotion and people make decisions from how they feel. After all, according to Gerald Zaltman, a professor at Harvard University, 95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious.

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