OLED Light has a Place in Wellness Tourism

Wellness Trends & How OLED Lighting can Play a Role.

At Nadarra we believe that lighting plays a critical role in a traveler’s journey to achieve wellness, and well-being. OLED lighting is proving to have many health benefits, that other artificial light sources do not.

When we think of wellness, we often think of fitness, healthy food, alone time, sleep, meditation, etc. When we think of well-being it may seem like you know what this should feel like, but do you really? 100% well-being can actually be hard to achieve, and hard to understand.

In an article by Hotel Management, Mia Kyricos, Hyatt Hotels Corp, Global Head of Wellbeing and SVP, states, “wellness and well-being are related but not synonymous. I see wellness as dedicated habits to prevent ailments or sickness, and well-being as the outcome you’re trying to achieve. The Hyatt chain of hotels sees “wellness as the road—what you do every day to take care of yourself—and well-being as the destination you are always striving to reach but often struggle to arrive at or stay for very long.” They have defined their landmarks of well-being as how guest’s feel, fuel and function.

According to research from the Global research institute wellness tourism is growing twice as fast as global tourism, and to top it all off wellness tourists spend 50-180% more per trip. Hotels across the world are working hard to define what wellness and well-being means to them. Developing a unique philosophy and strategy, for incorporating and promoting wellness and well-being, will set a hotel apart from the rest.

When we think of travelers, we think of hotel guests, which unfortunately commercializes the idea of “wellness tourism.” In reality wellness and well-being is intimate, it is people focused. While there are many items a hotel needs to tackle to address wellness and well-being, our focus is on lighting, specifically OLED lighting.

There are many trends in the wellness tourism space right now. Below we have outlined some of these trends, and the role OLED lighting can play.

1. Eat-well, detox retreats. There are retreats popping up focused on healthy eating, detoxes, and cleanses. Guess, what? Lighting can affect our diet. In a study published in the journal of market research, diners sitting in low light, ordered 39% more calories. Those sitting in brighter surroundings were 16% to 24% more likely to choose healthy menu items. OLED lighting is close to natural light, such as bright sunlight, and can be dimmed according to the ambiance needed. Having this option at retreats that are focused on healthy eating, greater increases the overall focus, and experience.

2. Corporate Wellness Retreats. There is constant discussion of the need for workplaces to have natural light, or the next best thing OLED lighting, to boost employee health, morale and productivity. There is also an increase in corporate wellness retreats. If research is finding that natural light boosts employee overall health, employers will want to continue this trend when taking their employees on a retreat. Especially a retreat which has the sole focus of employee wellness. Having OLED lighting in areas such as large meeting rooms, or other business focused areas that may not receive much natural light, is key to corporations feeling restored after their retreat is over, and key to having them come back again!

3. Mental Health. Our society is seeing a rise in mental health issues. Many people often feel anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, and are seeking an outlet. There is not only an increase in people looking for better mental health, but also solo travelers. These travelers are looking to gain a sense of purpose and overall self-care. Artificial lighting plays a huge role in our emotions and well-being. Humans did not evolve indoors. Our biology developed in harmony with the cycles of the Sun, Moon and Seasons. Natural light is needed for our society to thrive.

However, natural light is not always available, so we have turned to artificial light, such as LED light sources, which can have a negative impact on overall emotional well-being. There is a solution, OLED lighting. OLED Lighting is meant to be a healthier light source having a positive impact on one’s circadian rhythm, and overall health and well-being.

When hotels are thinking about incorporating wellness and well-being strategies, lighting needs to be at the forefront of the conversation. Think about how often guests are under artificial light sources. You can provide all the meditation, yoga and non-GMO food that exists. If they are spending time in areas with unhealthy light sources, they are not receiving a full wellness experience.

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