Rochester, NY - A Hub for OLED Technology

Rochester, NY is known for many things...and no we are not just talking about the Trash Plate! The city is a hub for innovation. From Bausch & Lomb, Gleason, & Xerox, to Western Union, French's, and most importantly to the invention of OLED technology, Eastman Kodak. The city is also home to the University of Rochester, and The Rochester Institute of Technology. Two universities known for their research and advancement in the high tech field.

The innovative and entrepreneurial DNA of Rochester, combined with a world class educational system, set the stage for OLED technology to be invented right in Nadarra's backyard. The story of Rochester and OLED technology dates back to 1987, when researchers at Eastman Kodak, Chemist Ching W. Tang, and Steven Van Slyke, invented the technology. While OLED technology is viewed as a relatively new technology, it was actually invented over three decades ago. Its innate ability to produce superior image quality, combined with its flexible design features, have recently brought the technology into the spotlight.

Over three decades later, Rochester, NY is still a hub for OLED Technology. Unfortunately, Kodak, has taken a hit over the years. However, with this downturn in business, new businesses and ideas have been able to launch. One of these business ideas came from two Kodak veterans, who were a part of the OLED division. You may have heard of their business, OLEDWorks. It is one of the first OLED manufacturers, to bring the technology to a point, where it has the ability to gain traction in many industry silos. Nadarra was next. The inception of our company was also in Rochester, NY. We utilize OLEDWorks' technology to design our luxurious OLED fixtures. Our partnership with OLEDWorks gives us complete confidence that we are producing the highest quality fixtures that OLED technology can offer.

While the actual physical location of Rochester, NY matters little, the partnerships created in this city matter a lot. As mentioned before, OLED technology is new. It is the pioneers in this field that are setting the stage for what the future holds. The pioneers who are perfecting the old, while bringing innovation, and thoughtfulness to an evolving industry. The lighting technology that goes into each of Nadarra's fixtures is critical to providing the end user with a desirable experience. Whether it be fixtures for guest rooms in a boutique hotel, fixtures for above a restaurant bar, or even fixtures that may make their way on to a yacht or airplane someday, the goal is for those experiencing the light, and the fixture design, to feel good about the ambiance that has been created. Partnerships between OLED light manufacturers, and fixture designers, is critical for the technology to continue to gain leverage among the B2B and B2C markets.

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