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The Need for Experiential Lighting in Hotels

For years, hotel guests have been merely accepting the light they are given. They turn on their bedside lamp, flick the switch when they walk in their door, enter the lobby, enter the restaurant, or the bar, and go about their day or night. However, there is a lack of understanding, as to how the light they are surrounded with, has an impact on their overall well-being.

When a mood strikes, good or bad, the connection to light is regularly misunderstood. Interior designers, architects, and other design professionals, often design lighting around the overall look, the use in a space, guiding guests through a particular area, and other physical and visual attributes. Which are all incredibly important, but we believe lighting also needs to be designed with well-being in mind. Lighting should not be part of the problem, but rather a piece of the solution, when working to provide a one of a kind, out of this world experience for a guest. Lighting should make a room look the way it is supposed to look, not take away from the overall ambiance.

We call this experiential lighting.

Organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology is a lighting solution that we call the complete package. The technology is naturally diffused, offering no glare or harsh shadows, provides a full-spectrum of color, uniformity and a good blue lighting experience. These features benefit hotel guests, through both visual and non-visual receptors.

Below we discuss the naturally diffused and full-spectrum color features in more depth.

Naturally Diffused.

A hotel guest could greatly benefit from OLED lighting over or next to their bed. Not just to help with sleep, but for tasks such as reading. Due to the naturally diffused element of OLED technology, there is not a high contrast between the light and the reading tool. This means there are soft shadows, low contrast, and ultimately less eye-fatigue.

The naturally diffused element, also makes OLED lighting a great solution for social settings. It is a light source that people like to be immersed in. It renders no harsh shadows, and illuminates faces beautifully. This makes it great for spaces where people gather, such as a bar, restaurant, or a lobby environment.

Full-Spectrum Color.

Lighting should be a tool used in a hotel to make a room look and function the way it is supposed to. Due to the full-spectrum color rendering capabilities of OLED technology, it precisely and faithfully illuminates color in a space. If a wall is supposed to look like a rich blue/grey, that is how it should look. Lighting should not take away from the overall look and feel of a room, it should add to it. This type of color rendering has also been thought to help with one’s overall mood.

Lighting is a large piece of creating the right experience for a guest. The right experience differs based on hotel, and the type of brand aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Therefore, the right lighting in a guest room for one hotel, may be completely different for another hotel.

Nadarra’s OLED light fixtures are meant for hotels that are focused on creating an experience throughout every space a guest enters, or spends time in. We look at our fixtures as complementary eye-catching focal points to LED solutions, and other lighting solutions.

Remember no matter how hard we try to describe the benefits of lighting on paper, there is no better way to understand it than to experience it. If you want to experience one of our OLED light fixtures, please give us a call today!