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  • The BLOQ is a square OLED light fixture.  Its crisp, sharp edges  and sleek look and feel bring a simple modern vibe to any space.   


    Perfect for above a bar, a countertop, or a nightstand, or for use in guest rooms, lounges and entryways, create an eye-catching focal point with Nadarra's BLOQ.


    All of Nadarra's light fixtures utilize OLED light panels, manufactured by OLEDWorks.  All of our light panels are comprised of the right amount of blue light, are naturally diffused, have a full spectrum composition, and bring health, wellness and a beautiful ambiance into all of the spaces we live, work, and play. 


    • All of our products are primarily sold through designated agent representatives.  To get in touch with an agent representative please fill out our information request form.

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