• The Flur is part of the Poehlmann Collection x Nadarra.  The collection brings an artistic, creative, and colorful look and feel to Nadarra's flagship OLED Light fixtures. 


    The Flur takes the CIRQ and uses a multicolor sanded or glossy acrylic to add a colorful rounded exterior.  The design options with the Flur are endless. Get creative and use multiple colors to create a multi-color chandelier, or line up all of the same color in a row above a countertop, a dining table, a bar, and many other hospitality spaces. 


    This collection combines the health and beauty of OLED light technology with a one of a kind exterior, bringing a unique and healthy ambiance to all of the spaces we live our life. 


    • All of our products are primarily sold through designated agent representatives.  To get in touch with an agent representative please fill out our information request form.

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