Rionna Single Pendant
  • The Rionna Single Pendant is part of the Poehlmann Collection X Nadarra bringing artistry, creativity and color to Nadarra's flagship OLED light fixture collection.   


    The Rionna Single Pendant has strategically placed circles of multiple sizes throughout the bottom of the shade.  This design creates a unique eye catching exterior, while allowing room for light to subtly shine through multiple facets of the shade, creating for a dramatic ambiance.  With the Rionna you will not only bring one of a kind artistry into a space, you will also bring healthy light, which creates for a warm and inviting atmosphere that people will want to experience.  


    The Rionna Single Pendant is designed for the hospitality industry such as hotels, lounges, restaurants, bars, and cruise ships, as well as high end resdential and luxury spaces.  Create an eye-catching focal point rooted in artistry and wellness with the Rionna.  


    Rionna Single Pendant

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