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The WALOSUMMER is one of the first OLED light fixtures with dimming capabilities that can be controlled with a remote device.   


This fixture, a stainless-steel suspension lamp consisting of a ceiling suspension bracket with a pendant OLED lamp arm, creates a pleasant lighting atmosphere in hospitality, office, and residential environments.​ This OLED lamp is equipped with three delicately curved and exchangeable OLED light sources. All light sources can be rotated making the lamp very flexible. As an alternative, each OLED light source can be exchanged for three other OLED shape variants. This makes our WALOSUMMER a highly customized OLED light fixture.  



All manufactured or distributed Nadarra light fixtures utilize OLED light panels, manufactured by OLEDWorks.  Our light panels are comprised of the right amount of blue light, are naturally diffused, have a full spectrum composition, and bring health, wellness and a beautiful ambiance into all of the spaces we live, work, and play. 


  • The WALOSUMMER is primarily sold directly to design professionals.  Please fill out our information request form below to learn more about purchasing the WALOSUMMER. 

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