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(News) OLED Lighting Manufacturer Partners with Designer to Increase Product Offerings

Nadarra Lighting, a U.S. based OLED light fixture manufacturer has partnered with Chris Poehlmann, Founder of CP Lighting to offer artist-designed, handcrafted OLED light fixtures that are focused on aesthetic, creativity, and innovation.

ROCHESTER, NY – Nadarra Lighting, an OLED lighting designer and manufacturer has partnered with designer Chris Poehlmann, Founder of CP Lighting to expand the company's product portfolio, furthering the access of commercially available healthy and beautiful OLED light fixtures. This partnership brings a creative, artistic, and colorful variety to the OLED light fixture marketplace.  

The Poehlmann Collection x Nadarra is handcrafted in the United States, and brings one of a kind innovation and lighting design to any space. The collection features five different designs. The Cassi, Orpa, and Rionna fixtures come in both singular and linear pendants, and the Fioda and Flur fixtures come in circular pendants. All product options are customizable as designers desire and projects require.

“Customization is a key component of our brand.” States Bill McDonnell, Founder of Nadarra Lighting.  “Being able to customize our product offerings to fit certain aesthetics, while using healthy OLED light technology, provides for a beautiful interior while bringing proactive health to a space.” 

OLED technology is relatively new and often utilized in its original form, but the market is there for further design consideration.  As Poehlmann states “We often see new technology used first in its most primal form, however, my first impulse upon seeing the OLED modules was to dress them up while still capitalizing on their extraordinary slim profile.” The Poehlmann Collection x Nadarra is one of the first collections bringing this type of design innovation to OLED technology.  

The Poehlmann Collection x Nadarra’s strategic partnership is another step towards diversifying design, and increasing the availability and awareness of OLED light fixtures. 

Nadarra Lighting has an in-depth focus on the health and wellness of light, selling decorative OLED light fixtures that look and feel good. Nadarra manufactures OLED light fixtures for commercial use, specifically in the hospitality industry. Those interested in learning more about Nadarra and OLED technology can visit the company’s website at

Since 1990, CP Lighting has been designing and manufacturing contemporary light fixtures for the residential, commercial, and hospitality markets. Committed to sustainability, CP Lighting practices sensible use of resources and truth to materials. Whenever possible, CP Lighting uses reclaimed materials recycled in-house to create products whether it be a single lamp for residential use, or custom restaurant or club fixture. For more information about CP Lighting, visit their website at


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